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B-1:  Known as Thiamine, it is necessary for nourishing the vertebrates and some micro-organisms.  Its deficiency causes a disease known as beriberi.

B-2:  Or Riboflavin, it is necessary in maintaining the skin and the mucous. For its oxygenating activity of the cornea, it is indispensable for good vision.

B-6: It creates serotonin and dopamine. Helps in the formation of various neurotransmitters and it’s therefore an essential nutrient in the mental regulation process and the state of mind.

B-12:  The “red vitamin” as it creates and regenerates red corpuscles, taking oxygen to the tissues.  It helps to prevent anemia, it assists in memory functions, and it sustains the nervous and muscular metabolism.

Pantothenic Acid:  Or, Vitamin B-5, performs a very important role in the function of the cell metabolism and the nervous and immune systems.  It is used in acne treatments.

Folic Acid:  Or, Vitamin B-9, necessary in the formation of structural proteins and hemoglobin, of blood cells and red corpuscles.  Keeps skin healthy and prevents anemia.

Biotin:  Or, Vitamin B-8, helps to alleviate muscle pains, eczema and dermatitis; it also helps to combat depression, nervous deterioration and drowsiness.

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Calms anxiety, hyperactivity and bad humor.
Promotes enthusiasm, alleviates stress and distress.
Stabilizes the appetite and avoids nausea.
Prevents cramps and spasms.
Improves the memory.
Increases the production of antibodies.
Improves the circulation and the muscular system.
Helps prevent and treats anemia.
Provides normal function of the nervous system.

Suggested Dose

1 daily, with a meal.