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Creatine is an organic compound from amino acids, and very similar to them with regards to molecule structure.  It is a natural substance present in the muscle, which allows the increase of instant strength.  It naturally triggers the explosion energy or the “starting force,” which is needed preferably in exercises based on intense effort.  It may also increase the jumping capacity and the strength of throwing.

It carries out principally, four functions during intense exercise.  First, it regenerates Triphosphate Adenosine (ATP), the only energetic exchange that the muscle is capable of using to carry out its activity.  Second, it transports the energy from its place of production in the muscular cells to its use.  Third, it helps to maintain the pH in the interior of the muscles, avoiding an acidification that would prevent the intensity of a longer lasting exercise.  Fourth, it helps regulate the energy by means of glucose utilization.

Scientific findings support the fact that dietary supplementation with Creatine may effectively help to improve sport performance.

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Provides energy and resistance to the muscular system.
Helps maintain cellular volume and its hydration.
Promotes rapid and explosive movements.
Rapid recuperation from training.
Increases lean muscle mass.
Increases strength immediately.
Protects against muscular diseases.
Allows the muscles to work to their maximum strength.

Suggested Dose

Load Phase (3 days): Mix one(1) scoop with 8 oz. of a beverage and consume 4 times daily.
Maintenance: Mix one(1) scoop with 8 oz. of a beverage and consume 1 or 2 times daily.