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Vitamin A:  Strong antioxidant that maintains the skin hydrated, flexible and helps to eliminate senile spots.

Vitamin E:  Helps to retard aging of the skin. Avoids harm caused by UV rays.

Niacinamide:  Useful in the dermatitis and in the conservation and pigmentation of the skin.

Folic Acid:  Indispensible for hair and nail growth.  Intervenes in the scarring (healing) process.

Vitamin B-12:  The “red” vitamin, as it creates and regenerates red cells, carrying oxygen to tissues.

Biotin:  It plays an important role in the health of the epidermis.  A lack of it can cause hair loss.

Panthotenic Acid:  Well function of cell metabolism.  Useful for healing and for acne treatment.

Iron:  Returns good skin color. Iron deficit can cause paleness and hair loss.

Iodin:  Intervenes in good hair, nail and skin growth.

Zinc:  Helps to heal wounds and to maintain the skin, hair, nails and mucous membrane healthy.

Copper:  Influences in the hair & skin pigmentation.  A lack of it can cause loss of elasticity.

Manganesium:  A micro mineral related to the development of tissues.

Chrome:  Element in charge of transporting the proper proteins to the tissues.

Inositol:  Intervenes in skin renovation and strengthens the hair, helping to avoid hair loss.

Paba:  Helps maintain skin healthy and good hair color, avoiding grey hair.

Additional information


Helps avoid hair loss and increases capillary growth.
Hair flexibility volume, shine, and dimension.
Avoids and improves weak nails.
Strengthens and cures brittle nails.
Maintains firm and radiant skin, and hydrates dry skin.
Improves, strengthens, and gives health to damaged skin.

Suggested Dose

1 or 2 daily, with meals.