Omega Complex (Omega 3-6-9)

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Among the unpolisaturated fats, 3 Essential Fat Acids improves the well-being of the metabolism:  Omega-3 (Fat Acid Alfa Linoleic), Omega-6 (Linoleic Fat Acid) and Omega-9 (Oleic Acid).   These are not synthetized by the organism and are provided by Omega Complex.  These must be balanced in the organism because they don´t have the same functions.  The main function of the unpolisaturated fats is to store energy provided by the nutriments in the body.  It helps to balance the stability and flexibility in the cells, which at the same time is indispensable for brain and nervous system development.

Omega – 3:  Found mainly in fish.  It performs an important role in cardiovascular prevention.  It may also help dilutes blood, diminishing the risks of cardiac arrest, and reduces cholesterol LDL, preserving a good HDL.  It stimulates the nervous system, and allows a regeneration of the cells.  It performs a fundamental role in the brain and retina development, and the hormone system balance.  Omega 3 may helps diminish risks of blood clotting, reducing the risk of thrombosis and cardiac arrests.

Omega – 6:  Coagulates the blood and helps the soft muscular tissues to contract easily.  It’s useful in combating asthma, protects the arteries and the heart.  It’s a strong anti-inflammatory that may help stimulate the immune system.

Omega – 9: It may help people affected with diabetes type II, whose blood triglycerides are high, and have a tendency to be overweight. It also helps prevent cardiovascular dysfunctions.

Additional information


Protects organs and arteries from accumulated fat.
Helps drop the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
Stabilizes and modulates glucose in the blood.
Powerful anti-inflammatory.
Preserves a good HDL.
Helps prevent blood clots.
Ideal in diets to lose weight.
Regulates arterial pressure and function.
Cleans the arteries, improving the circulation

Suggested Use

1 to 3 daily, with meals