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Tribulus Terrestris is a fruit that has been used for centuries in Europe to help treating infertility, impotence, and as a stimulant to increase the libido and sexual performance in men and women. It also contains active components that have stimulating effects on the immune and reproductive systems. Tribulus may also support the development of muscles, and increase vigor and resistance during sports training.

The production of Testosterone begins to decline as we age over 40.  At the age of 60, the body can only produce 5 to 15% of the normal quantities.  The results of many studies of investigation suggest that the supplements with Tribulus improve the sexual function, the libido, osteoporosis in women, and helps men with erection deficiency.

The improvement in the levels of Testosterone may help reach a greater seminal production, and an increase in the number, quality, motility and life duration of the spermatozoids.  Testosterone also promotes protein synthesis, positive nitrogenous balance, which constitutes an advantage for athletes, as they gain a greater growth of muscular cells and an increase of muscular strength, as a faster recovery from muscular stress.


Additional information


Helps treat both male and female infertility.
Improves semen quality and quantity.
Helps improve menopausal symptoms.
Helps avoid low male libido.
Offers strength for optimum training.
Builds resistance against common infections.
As an antioxidant, it assures immunity & potency.

Suggested Dose

1 daily, with a meal.