Vitamin E-360 MG

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Vitamin E (Acetate dl-Alfa Tocopherol) 360 mg or 400 IU, also called Tocopherol, is a liposoluble vitamin essential for the body, and an antioxidant that may help protect fatty acids.  By doing so, it protects from the formation of toxic molecules, which enter the organism by the respiratory tract and mouth.  It may also avoid abnormal destruction of red corpuscles, ocular disorders, and anemia.

It serves an important role in maintaining the immune system healthy, especially during stress and chronic viral diseases.  It induces the proliferation of defense cells and increases cell reply when there is harm or infection.  It protects the organism against aging effects by eliminating free radicals, which cause degeneration of the tissues (like skin and blood vessels).  Vitamin E may also help avoid the formation of thrombi, which causes bad circulation in the blood vessels, reducing the risk of a myocardium attack, angina pectoris or emboli.  It also prevents leg cramps in people with poor circulation.

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Maintains muscles and nerves in good health.
Stimulates the supply of oxygen and blood.
Alleviates cramps, burns, and injuries.
Helps prevent cardiac diseases.
Promotes healthy skin and hair.
Improves the athletic performance.
Removes and prevents wrinkles and spots.
Improves the function of reproductive organs.
Necessary to repair damaged tissues and cells.
Helps in the prevention of cataracts and anemia.

Suggested Use

1 to 2 daily, with meals.