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Glucosamine is an amino-saccharine, the union of an Amino group and a glucose molecule, and is one of the best prime materials for the fabrication of lubricants necessary for healthy cartilages and articulations. Arthri-Flex plays a key role in the production of Collagen and Proteoglycans, two constituents necessary for maintaining and restoring articular cartilage.  Glucosamine is found in  high levels in the articulation structures, and its main function is to stimulate the fabrication of substances that help to repair and improve the articular function.

Chondroitine is formed by a chain of repeated molecules Glycosaminoglycans (GAG), and it’s one of the principal components in the cartilage.  It has a structural function, retaining water and nutrients. It also blocks the enzymes that destroy the cartilage in the articulations.  Another theory is that Chondroitine increases the quantity of Hialuronic Acid in articulations, a liquid that protects and maintain them lubricated.  It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

MSM (Metilsulfonilmethane) helps build healthy cells, and is used to reduce pain, numbness and inflammation associated with muscle cramps, sprains, and overstretched articulations. In Osteoarthritis treatments, it has analgesic effects, anti-inflammatory, reduces muscle spasms, diminishes formation of cicatrizing tissue, and supplies Sulphur for Glycosaminoglycans synthesis.

Turmeric may help prevent arthritis, and diminishes the bone destruction of the articulations.  This extract inhibits the destruction of the articulations due to arthritis and inhibits the NF protein, which controls the genetic expression of substances that produces inflammatory results.

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Improves & maintains structural integrity of the articulations.
Provides and maintains flexibility of the ligaments.
Helps to reconstruct the deteriorated cartilage.
Decreases the pains in the joints.
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Ideal for treating osteoarthritis.
Maintains the collagen of the connective tissues.
Allows reconstruction of tendons & membranes.
Offers lubrication and optimum mobility.
Protects the structural integrity of the blood vessels.

Suggested Use

2 to 4 daily, with meals