Shark Cartilage

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When executing a physical activity, in addition to muscular capacity, bodies need tendon and ligament capacities in the joints. Impact exercises cause alterations in the structure of the joints. Shark Cartilage, with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, may help reduce those symptoms.

Shark Cartilage is a very important source of Proteins, Calcium and Phosphorus, which play an essential role in protecting joints, tendons and ligaments. In addition, it could contribute in the synthesis of Collagen and the elasticity of Cartilage, in helping avoid joint inflammation, poor mobility, and stiffness.

Research is currently underway to investigate the benefits of Shark Cartilage for psoriasis, hair growth, eye problems and wound healing.

Additional information


May helps reconstruct deteriorated cartilage.
Provides and maintains ligament functions.
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Age-related vision treatments.
Helps decreases joint pain.
Ideal for treating osteoarthritis.
Offers lubrication and optimum mobility.
Maintains the collagen of the connective tissues.
Protects the structural integrity of the blood vessels.

Suggested Dose

1 to 2 daily, with meals.