X PRE Work Fruit Punch

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PRE by Fitlab is an exclusive formula to activate preparation for sports training ! It contains powerful ingredients that could help you increase energy, boost performance, and improve physical capacity to achieve higher goals. PRE will help you take your exercises to a new level. It may also promote vascularity and strength during it.


Beta Alanine: It is a Non-Essential Amino Acid that raises Carnosine levels in the muscle, helping in its contraction and reducing fatigue, pushing an extra performance.

Caffeine: Improves endurance capacity and Time To Exhaustion (TTE). It is a powerful nervous system stimulant and can help increase metal alertness.

Creatine: May help induce increased performance capacity with maximum strength during prolonged exercises.

Citrulline: Helps increase circulating Arginine and Nitric Oxide biomarkers. It can also attenuate the increase in ammonia during exercise.

Additional information


Increases energy and performance.
Activation prior to sports training.
Accelerates nutrient transport.
Increases concentration.
Achieve superior goals in sports.
Improves physical capacity and strength.
To be consumed only during training days.

Suggested Dose

Tolerance Phase: Mix half (1/2) scoop in 250 ml of water, 20-30 minutes before training.
Active Days: Mix one (1) scoop in 250 ml of water, 20-30 minutes before training days.