Calcium + D

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Calcium is a macro mineral, the most present one in the organism and the fourth component of the body after water, proteins and fats, which is equivalent to around 2% of our body weight.  Of this amount, nearly 99% concentrates in the bones and teeth.

A lack of Calcium is harmful to the health, as it is necessary in the coagulation of proper permeability of the membranes, and it acquires fundamental importance as nerve and neuromuscular regulator, modulating the muscular contraction (including cardiac frequency), the intestinal absorption and secretion, and the liberation of hormones.  The absorption of Calcium can become difficult with the consumption of coffee, alcohol, lack of Vitamin D, lack of exercise and stress.  An obvious symptom of a lack of Calcium is osteoporosis.

Vitamin D belongs to the group of liposoluble vitamins, and intervenes in the absorption of Calcium in the intestine, and therefore in the bones and teeth.  A lack of this vitamin generates bone alterations, dental dysfunctions and metabolic alterations, with symptoms of muscular cramps, convulsions and a low level of calcium in the blood.

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Maintains density, resistance and bone strength.
Vital mineral in bone formation and strong teeth.
Improves transmission of nerve impulses.
Helps decrease blood pressure.
Prevents muscle cramps.
Diminishes the risk of kidney stones.
Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Maintains a normal rhythm and hearth beat.
Prevents loss of bones, avoiding osteoporosis.
Vit. D: regulates the absorption and transport of Calcium.

Suggested Use

1 to 2 daily, with meals.