Vitamin A -10,000

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Vitamin A (Beta–Carotene) 10,000 IU is the most abundant carotenoid (organic pigment) in nature and the most important for the human diet. Beta Carotene transforms into Vitamin A in the mucous of the small intestine, stored mainly in the liver in the form of esters of retinol. Vitamin A can also be absorbed and stored in the fat tissue without being modified, producing a slight coloration in the palm of the hands and the soles of the feet.

Scientific studies have determined the effects of Beta Carotene in the health, and results have shown that it could help improve vision and reduce probabilities of heart attacks. It can function as a liposoluble antioxidant and increase the efficiency of the immune system.

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Improves and maintains a healthy vision.
An anti-viral against infections and colds.
Relieves gastrointestinal ulcers.
Maintains healthy lungs.
Treats and avoids acne.
Avoids measles infection.
Necessary to relieve and repair tissues.
Maintains mucous membranes healthy.
Strengthens and develops bones and teeth.
Reduces the formation of plaques in the arteries.

Suggested Use

1 daily, with a meal.