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DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone (chemical produced in a part of the body that is transferred to another part of the body where it has a specific effect) produced by the suprarenal glands. It becomes androgen (male hormone) or estrogen (female hormone) in the cells, depending on the sex, the age the individual’s condition, and other factors.  The levels of DHEA diminishes substantially with age.  At 25 years of age the level is 30 Mg, at 50 it drops to 15 Mg, at 60 to 8 Mg, and at 80 only 5 Mg.  It has many functions in the body, and so influences directly in the health and longevity.

Studies confirm that DHEA may help improve the mental state, preserve the lean muscular mass, improves athletic performance, with positive effects on Alzheimer and Parkinson treatments. It may also help improve the libido, the use of glucose and the metabolism, reduce fat, increase energy, counteract stress, and the production of cortisol.

In the heart, DHEA may help dilate the coronary arteries, providing fresh blood to the heart, and therefore a better oxygenation. It also helps in rheumatism treatments, in repairing and developing the articulations, tendons, muscles and is anti-inflammatory. It may also help improve sexual performance, and increase the brain and memory function.

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The “mother of the hormones” or the “fountain of youth”.
Sustains glandular, immune and nervous systems.
Improves the feeling of well-being.
Improves ability to face stress.
Improves fat metabolism.
Slows-down the human-biologic of aging.
Stimulates the increase in levels of the sex hormones.
Regulates mental cognition, the memory and alertness.

Suggested Dose

1 to 2 daily, with meals.